Welcome to the Islands of The Bahamas


Welcome to the place where the Spirit of God dwells!   Several years ago, the Spirit of God used Prophetess Mattie Nottage to reveal to an International Global Audience of an impending Revival that was going to hit the back side of Africa and eventually flow to the isles of the sea.  This Revival was prophesied to bring one of the greatest and most powerful moves of God that had yet hit the earth.

What Prophetess Nottage did not know at the time was that the spirit of God would also use her and her husband, Apostle Edison Nottage as conduits through which His manifested glory would be revealed. Here at Believers Faith Outreach Ministries, International for the last several years, we have experienced a perpetual move of God that has ushered in the Supernatural Power of God through demonstrated miracles, signs and wonders that we have never seen. This powerful Revival has drawn persons from all over the world to the beautiful shores of the Bahamas, not just for sun, sand, sea and fun but to experience the move of God that has exploded at Believers Faith Outreach Ministries, International through our pastors. Today, we continue the journey of pursuing greater realms and dimensions of the glory of God.   Therefore, we invite you to join us for the Believers Faith Experience as we earnestly pray and seek after the “greater works” of God in the life-changing presence of God.

“Not by might, not by power but by the Spirit of God!” – Zech 4:6

Worship Schedule

Days of Spiritual Growth


Prophetic Prayer Service | 7:30P.M. EST.


Miracle Healing & Deliverance | 7:30P.M. EST.


Breakthrough & Impartation | 9:00A.M. EST.


If you would like to visit BELIEVERS FAITH OUTREACH MINISTRIES INT’L, please call us on one of the numbers listed below for confirmation:

1-242-698.1383 BAHAMAS
1-888-825-7568 U.S.A
44.203.617.1388 UK
1-242-812-1070 WHATSAPP TEXT ONLY

Believers Faith Outreach Ministries Int’l Headquarters is located at:
Carmichael Road, Nassau, Bahamas