Month: July 2020

20 Jul
By: Mattie Nottage Publications 125


Contrary to what many people believe, satan’s kingdom of darkness  is highly organized and operates strategically.   Satan uses demonic technology against you based on information that has been diligently researched.  The enemy’s demonic agents such as familiar spirits, monitoring demons, drones, satanic surveillances and other intel systems gather information about you, your family, your strengths and weaknesses, etc. and with such data, seek to devise a cleverly constructed system through which to destroy you.

At times, the enemy seeks to work with the unrejuvenated areas already working in your life.  The Word of God reveals that men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19)

Information received from ancestral spirits, familial spirits, family curses, your individual spiritual DNA and the like are gathered by satan’s highly technical system and used against you to defeat you.

The ultimate goal of satan’s demonic infiltration network is to stop you from ever coming into the fullest measure of who you are in God.   Satan seeks to sabotage anything that is God-ordained in your life or that would seek to be a threat to his kingdom.  Any child of God, who knows who they are in God and is able to walk in kingdom power and authority is an ultimate threat to satan’s kingdom.   His network and intel system is diligently at work, day and night to try to defeat you and get you to “change your mind” about serving God.

Psalm 91:5, 6

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

In Psalm 91:5, 6 we see that the enemy attacks with demonic arrows that fly by day; destruction that seeks to operate at noonday and terrors that are unleashed by night; and all of these are launched by wicked demons that exist or walk about in the realm of darkness.  These are all demonic spirits, assigned to weary you, discourage you and terrorize your life.

The Word of God reveals that God commanded the light to shine out of the darkness, therefore light dispels darkness and will always win over the enemy.   (Genesis 1:2, 3; 2 Corinthians 4:6)  God, His confederation of holy angels and the Kingdom of Light will always defeat satan, his demons and the kingdom of darkness.
(Revelation 12:7-11) 

Psalm 91:1 reveals that once you remain under the divine protection and watchful care of the Almighty God, no weapon of the enemy shall be able to prosper against your life. (Isaiah 54:17)  The weapons may form, but they will not prosper.  

No matter what “demonic intel system” the enemy has established, Jesus encourages us in Luke 10:19 that we have power over all the powers of the enemy.  God loves us so much that He will not allow any demonic network or confederation fighting against you to harm you. Your relationship with God, along with a dedicated prayer and Word life, gives you access to the power that God has given you to defeat all the powers, strategies, schemes, plots and plans of the enemy, regardless of his demonic intel systems.  You have the victory through the blood of Jesus Christ and there is nothing that your enemy can do about it!



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20 Jul
By: Mattie Nottage Publications 47


Have you ever wondered why it is so much easier to watch eight (8) hours of football than to spend an hour in prayer?   Or why you count it as nothing to spend $500 on a shopping spree but feel like you are being robbed when asked to sow $100 into the kingdom of God?   It is because we have maladapted to a worldly system full of demonic technology that boasts of greater pleasures and rewards than those offered in the Kingdom of God.

By definition, technology means the application of scientific knowledge for practical or intended purposes or the demonstration of the purpose of something.  Technology can further be defined as the application of information to define or demonstrate the purpose of a thing.

Therefore, demonic technology is the application and use of scientific and satanic knowledge for the practical purpose, especially from the demonic kingdom, to manipulate, control and ultimately destroying your life.

It is a demonic network built on the world’s carnal system, demonic doctrine, ungodly knowledge and satanic information all in an effort to subvert your love for God and divine purpose and destiny in God.   (Mark 8:36) This system operates from satan’s demonic kingdom of darkness.   Darkness simply means to be void of light.  Since God is a spirit and He is light and in Him there is no darkness at all, spiritual darkness means to be void of the presence  of God. (1 John 1:5; John 4:24) 

Therefore, the spirit of darkness is a demonic principality which works under the direct instructions of the devil, himself.  Every day, this principality along with a confederation of demons are on assignment, launching and devising destructive strategies to seek to cover the earth with darkness and remove God out of the hearts and minds of  people.

This demonic technology was used against the believers in Jude 1 who were admonished to earnestly contend for the faith which was delivered to them by the Apostles.  Jude further speaks of evil men who crept into the fellowship of believers that day to try subvert their minds and twist the truth of gospel. No doubt, these evil men were being used by a confederation of demons to try to sabotage these believers and cause them to abort their kingdom assignment, walk away from the Church or destroy their relationship with God.

Although, the enemy continues to devise wicked conspiracies against the kingdom of God, we, as believers should also be admonished to earnestly spend time strengthening our faith in and relationship with God.  Spending quality time in the presence of God will help you  to identify and overcome the subtle workings of demonic technology in our life, family, community and nation.



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09 Jul
By: Mattie Nottage Publications 73


“Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favour her, yea, the set time, is come.” (Psalms 102:13)

 In this season God desires to bless His people with His “Divine Favor”.  “Divine Favor!” is an uncommon blessing or breakthrough that God Himself has orchestrated and ordained for your life.  This favor comes directly from the hand of God and is released to propel you to your next dimension of success and breakthrough.  

Over the years, I have found that many people are excited to embrace the idea of God’s “Divine Favor” at work in their lives. However, few people actually know how to activate it. As believers, God has given every believer powerful kingdom practices which can attract the presence and divine favor of God to their lives.  This ability, however, is a grace that He bestows upon His children, who love and trust Him; and is cultivated by developing an intimate and personal relationship with Him.

Men of God such as King David and the mighty prophet Elijah knew how to win the heart of God and attract His presence to their lives.  In, 1 Samuel 13:14, Acts 13:22, the Word of God says that David was a man after God’s own heart.  David was a worshipper and knew how to seek the face of God to receive victory strategies during times of battle and  how to humble himself to receive the Father’s forgiveness during times of personal failures.

Also, in James 5:17, the Word of God reveals that Elijah was a man with like passions, just as we are, and he knew how to move the hand of God.  He prayed that there be no rain and for the space of three years and six months, it did not rain.  Then he prayed again and the rains came.  Elijah had a relationship with God, where God backed up his words.  The bible never said that God instructed Elijah to declare that there would be no rain.  Elijah declared it and God moved on his behalf.  This type of spiritual authority is bestowed upon the believer who God can trust.  Both men of God had to have developed an intimate relationship with God that would attract His attention and active presence in their lives.

Once you create an atmosphere of worship and devotion to God, not only will you attract His presence to you but you will keep heaven open over your life and His divine favor flowing towards you.

PRAYER:   Father God, I give you thanks and praise for the power of Your Word and that your Word concerning me will not return void.  You declared in Psalm 102:13 that you shall arise and have mercy upon (me) for the time, even the set to time to favor (me) has come.

DECLARATION:  I decree and declare that the divine favor of God will surround me like a shield.  I decree and declare that divine encounters and great doors of opportunity will be opened to me in this season in Jesus’ name.  I declare that this is my time to be blessed and to prosper according to God’s divine plan for my life.  I accept His scepter of blessings and increase that is extended towards me right now in Jesus name



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01 Jul
By: Mattie Nottage Publications 19



Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. (Luke 10:19)

Spiritual Warfare is a reality for every born again believer who loves God and made the decision that they were going to follow after His divine will and plan for their lives.

In the realm of the spirit there are two opposing forces which are the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light.  God is Sovereign Lord and Ruler in the Kingdom of Light while satan rules and instructs the kingdom of darkness. The satanic kingdom operates out of a hierarchal structure of principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places, thrones, dominions, powers, mights, demons and more.

Ever since the devil was kicked out of heaven in Revelation 12, he and his contingent of demons who rebelled against God have come down to the earth realm with a very specific assignment  to wreak havoc in the lives of people.  The enemy knows that he and his demons have a short time before their final judgment  which is an eternity separated from God; forever bound in the bottomless pit in hell.

And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.  (Revelation 20:10)

In John 10:10, the Word of God reveals that the enemy’s goal in the earth realm is to steal, kill and destroy.  He is such a wicked adversary that his desire is to see people in bondage, hardship, pain and torment.  He came down to the earth realm to, not only bring affliction and distress, but to try and deceive people to also rebel against God or the Kingdom of God and to become a part of his demonic kingdom.  If you are not serving God, you are serving the devil and become a candidate for him to use in the earth realm to help him advance his wicked plans.  As he has deceived many angels who were cast out of heaven with him, his attention is now to try and deceive as many people on earth to serve and follow him rather than serving and following after the One True God, Jehovah who is blessed forever.

Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure:  (Isaiah 5:14)    

The devil’s ultimate goal is to cause as many people as he can influence, persuade, manipulate or convince to receive the same eternal judgement he faces that was only reserved for him and his angels. And how is he planning to accomplish this great deception in these last days? Through the use of witchcraft! Every form of witchcraft. Witchcraft at every level and degree, by whatever means necessary.

Witchcraft is the manipulation, domination, control or evil influence over the mind, will, intellect and/or emotions of an individual in order to subvert their divine purpose in God or to destroy them.  Witchcraft is outright rebellion against God and His Word.  It is motivated by evil powers from the kingdom of darkness to carry out its diabolical intentions. The enemy can use  anyone to seek to rise up against you. (1 Samuel 15:23)

Witchcraft attacks can come from family members, co-workers and even friends in the form of household witchcraft; from witches, evil men and other wicked people through psychic witchcraft; from internal wars within churches in the form of religious witchcraft; through false propaganda to trust in the government more than in God in the form of governmental witchcraft; from your own human spirit in the form of self witchcraft which is going after your own carnal desires more than pursuing the things of God.

The ultimate curse of succumbing to a witchcraft attack is to lose your relationship with God and spend an eternity separated from Him. Jude 1:3 speaks volumes to every believer…that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

Christians! Believers! Children of God!…you’ve got to fight! You cannot allow anyone or anything to distract you from serving God.  Jesus died so that you could be free from the relentless attacks of the enemy to serve God now and throughout eternity.  Your eternity starts now with accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Once you accept Him, you are saved from hell’s eternal damnation and now have a right to live the abundant life He designed for you. Jesus loves you so much that He came to earth to sacrifice His life so that you could live abundantly with Him today, tomorrow and forever!



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