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21 Jun
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When you are at the forefront of any organization, Ministry, business or Movement or may be a public figure or considered a high profile person, you can expect to be criticized. Expect people to find faults with you, dislike you, hate what you do or even how you do what you do.

I discovered that for every ten people who love and celebrate you, there may always be at least one person that may have an issue with you.

It is a proven fact that when someone shares a different belief from you or have a different opinion than you on any subject matter, they will tend to criticize you. For the most part, what people don’t understand they “villainize” or demonize it especially as it relates to Spiritual Things.

In other words, they stick an evil banner on what you do in an effort to defame your character or make you appear evil in the eyes of others. Critics are deliberate in their attacks. They have no intentions on changing their view towards you and will go to any length to try to hurt you. They do this by using whatever platform they have at their disposal, inciting their followers against you.

Critics who do not tame their criticism nor seek to bring it under control, can become what I call extremists; sinister and shark-like in nature. They seek out affiliates and associates who are of like mind, like spirit and beliefs.

Never be discomforted nor moved by deviant critics. Please note that most people who are chronic critics criticize you because most times they have a bigger struggle than you, but refuse to admit it. They do not care. They have no respect for you. They will beat and bash other Christians just like you, no matter what your spiritual office is in the kingdom. These people hate Prophetic people or anyone that they perceive as different from them.

POINT TO NOTE: People who build their fame and platforms by defaming others, will one day defame themselves.

Critics are normally pessimistic people. They should be careful that they do not become social media or internet terrorists; bashing and criticizing everyone who does not agree with their “view point” or interpretation of scripture.

These are what I call modern day Pharisees who resemble the religious sect of Jewish critics who had set themselves as enemies of Jesus’. Those wicked Pharisees watched Jesus’ Ministry every day; trying to find something to accuse Him of, while they themselves had issues in their own lives.

POINT TO NOTE: Only God can Deliver a Pharisee!

People who are always criticizing others, carry a spirit of condemnation. They oftentimes share that they are only doing what they are doing because they want others to see “the light”. Which, by the way, is so far from the truth.

They will stalk you relentlessly, and even follow you on social media; researching you and directing negative attention to you all in an effort to cyberbully you in the name of God or the Bible.

They listen to and watch you to scrutinize your beliefs or teachings. They challenge or deviantly harass or seek to assassinate your character by calling your name or giving enough discrediting information to your ministry, work or assignment.

Critics for the most part sometimes have something they can teach you, but fail to teach you for fear of you becoming of greater influence than them. Instead of informing and helping, they prefer to criticize you, which is in my opinion the low road.

Eventually, they become negative critics on a pathway to deliberately and intentionally cause pain or seek the demise of the ones they chose to injure. Generally, people who negatively criticize you tend to be cynical and angry about everything. Quite often, they use their time and resources to try to undermine and vehemently abuse your name.








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