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09 Mar
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Breaking the Chains Revival

Coming soon to a city near you! These powerful Revival Conferences have been conducted by Dr. Mattie Nottage throughout the Bahama Islands, the United States of America and around the world, breaking the chains of bondage, generational curses, addictions and rejection from off the lives of individuals. These powerful gatherings attract individuals from all around the world.

If you would like Dr. Mattie Nottage to conduct a Breaking The Chains Revival at your church please contact our office for booking.

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09 Mar
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Global Dominion Network (GDN)

The Global Dominion Network (GDN) was founded by Dr. Mattie Nottage to build a network of business, financial, and economic professionals in order to create opportunities for employees, employers and professionals to be motivated, educated and empowered in the Bahamas, Caribbean, throughout the United States and around the world.

Further, Dr. Matite Nottage seeks to offer empowerment tools, seminars and sessions to professionals, worldwide to enhance their customer service needs, improve their quality of service and enhance overall product development in order to compete in a global market.

Call Today to book Dr. Matte Nottage to conduct one of these life changing seminars at your business, organization, church or school.

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09 Mar
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Life Coach and Personal Trainer

As a life coach and personal trainer, Dr. Nottage seeks to bring empowerment, transformation and motivation to the lives of youth, children and families. Dr. Nottage offers powerful sessions such as:

· Personal/Professional Conflict Resolution
· Family Crises Management
· Anger Management
· Stress Management
· Personal Enhancement and Development
· … and much, much more.

Call Today to book Dr. Mattie Nottage for Life Coaching and Training for you or your organization.

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09 Mar
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The School of Transformation

This “one-of-a-kind” school was birthed out of a need to offer an alternative to the traditional school setting. This program was designed by Dr. Mattie Nottage to specifically offer social, mental, emotional, spiritual support and guidance to young people while preparing and empowering them to fulfill personal, academic, professional and career pursuits.

Contact Us for registration information.

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09 Mar
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Mattie Nottage School of Ministry

This power-packed Bible College was founded by Dr. Mattie Nottage in order to teach kingdom principles established on Biblical truths to individuals regardless of denomination, religious beliefs, creed and culture.

Further, these impacting sessions are designed to train and empower believers to become militant spiritual warriors through strategic alignment in the kingdom of God. Many lives have been transformed through this high-impact, life-changing school. Pre-Register today for our next school semester.

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09 Mar
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International Prophetic, Pastors, Prayer Warriors & Servant Leaders Summit

This prophetic summit founded by Drs. Edison and Mattie Nottage attracts kingdom prayer warriors, apostles, pastors, prophets and intercessors who converge for a time of powerful prayer, spiritual warfare and empowerment, lifting up Nations and territories in a concerted effort to bring about change and positive effects in local regions and communities. The catalyst for this powerful event is founded on Job 42:10, “When Job prayed for his friends God turned his captivity.”

If you are a Minister of the Gospel and would like to be a part of this Contact Us today!

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09 Mar
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Faith Village for Girls

The “Faith Village For Girls” Transformation, Empowerment & Mentorship Program will target girls that are considered to be troubled, disadvantaged, neglected, socially challenged or displaying various conduct disorders due to a number of abusive experiences.

The program is designed by Dr. Mattie Nottage to provide an intensive, structured, rehabilitative program for young females and includes sessions in:

· Anger management
· Conflict resolution
· Building Self-Esteem
· Transformation and Empowerment
· Personal and Character Development
· Discipline and Recreation Exercises
· Etiquette Training
· … and much, much more.

If you know of a young girl that is in desperate need of this kind of help. Call Us Today!!

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09 Mar
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The Youth in Action Group

The Youth In Action Group is a non-profit 501 c(3) organization established by Drs. Edison & Mattie Nottage in order to empower, transform and motivate, young men and women to become successful in their every endeavor.

Further, the programs and initiatives of the YIAG are designed to propel young people to excel socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, academically and spiritually by enhancing themselves through Transformation, Mentorship and Entrepreneurship.
For more information visit us at

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09 Mar
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Believers Faith Outreach Ministries Int’l (Nassau, Bahamas)
Host Pastors: Apostle Edison and Prophetess Mattie Nottage

Join Apostle Edison & Prohetess Nottage at Believers Faith Outreach Ministries Int’l in Nassau, Bahamas and Believers Faith Breakthrough Ministries in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

(Nassau)– Scheduled Services:

Fridays at 7:30 pm – Miracle, Healing, Deliverance and Breakthrough Service

Saturdays at 12 NoonMidday Prayer Service
( Starting
September 10th)

Tuesdays at 7:30 pm – Prayer Power Services

Wednesdays at 12 noon – Prophetic Breakthrough Prayer
( Will move to Saturdays on September 10th, 2016)

Sundays at 9:00 am – Power Packed Breathrough Service
Children’s Church Available

BFBM (Florida) – Scheduled Services:
Fridays at 7:30 pm – Prophetic Breakthrough Services

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